How to easily Change Scanner Settings

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People have numerous different reasons to want to change their scanner settings. During your registration for SARS eFiling in South Africa, you are required to upload the necessary supporting documents. In order to do this, there are certain specifications on how your scanner should be set up to achieve the required size of the needed documents.

How to easily Change Scanner Settings

How to Change Settings on Your Scanner.

There are just 5 easy steps to change the scanner default settings, it is all tabulated

Step 1

  • Go to Start and then Control Panel
  • type in ‘scanners’ in the search field and press Enter
  • and the Control Panel window appears.

Step 2

Click on ‘View Scanners’ and Cameras or Devices and Printers.

You will see a list of installed scanners (or printers that are also scanners, copiers, etc) in the window.

Step 3

  • Click on the scanner and then click the ‘Scan Profiles’ (or change settings) button.
  • The Profiles dialogue box appears.

Step 4

  • Select a scanner and click ‘Edit’.
  • The Edit Default Profile dialogue box appears.

Step 5

  • Review the settings.
  • Depending on your scanner model, these settings may include colour management for fine-tuning the way colours are scanned and resolution settings that control how detailed a scan is performed.
  • The higher the resolution, the crisper and cleaner your electronic document, but the more time it may take to scan.

How to easily Change Scanner Settings

For SARS Supporting Documents:

  • Change the Resolution (DPI) to 300;
  • Set the Colour format to ‘Black and White’ (not colour).
  • The file type may be .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg and .gif.RealersNews will help you with questions concerning How to easily Change Scanner Settings. just leave your questions in the comment box below.

    You can also use the contact information provided on the contact page to reach Us. if We are unable to help You, the contacts from the University can be an alternative.

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