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The University of Fort Hare UFH Alumni Connect | login

An Alumnus is a former student of a specific school, college, or university, and being an alumnus has its perks. The University of Fort Hare (UFH) has produced a number of notable alumni over the years. As a result of this, the University sees the need to build a platform that will show alumni profiles as well as a variety of other information. Do you want a connection with a University of Fort Hare alumnus? Contact information, such as a website and email address, is given below to assist you in making contact with the UFH alumni.

The University of Fort Hare UFH Alumni Connect

The University of Fort Hare has made staying in contact with fellow graduates easier with the alumni connect. You can also see what the alumni have ventured into recently. You can find news and magazines from UFH students who graduated years ago on the website. The University of Fort Hare UFH alumni connect website can be found at the link below.

The University of Fort Hare Alumni Email

This UFH email address will be used as the default email address when emailing and will be created as an alias to your new UFH mailbox. It doesn’t involve any setup; simply click here to proceed.

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The University of Fort Hare Alumni Website

Please note that the official website of the University of Fort Hare is different from the alumni website and can be accessed by clicking here.

 Password Reset

In the case of Passwords, problems can be solved by visiting managing your passwords. You will need to have evidence of identity in order to reset your password.

How to Update UFH Alumni my Profile

You can easily update your profile on the website by following the guide below. Nevertheless, make sure you still have access to your UFH alumni email.

  • Visit studentonline.ufh.ac.za
  • Look for the link to update your profile in the top menus or on the tab.
  • Your email address will be used to authenticate and update your information on the site.

If you lose any certificates, the institution keeps track of them and you can retrieve them from the University of Fort Hare’s student records (fees may apply).