University of Fort Hare UFH Prospectus 2023

The University of Fort Hare (UFH) 2023 prospectus for prospective students of the academic year is now available online. Prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students should check the UFH Prospectus 2023 PDF before proceeding to the University of Fort Hare Application 2023.

The Administrative body at the University of Fort Hare officially announced the release of the undergraduate and postgraduate Prospectus and has made it available online in PDF for interested candidates.

The UFH Prospectus serves as a guide/manual to the necessary things that are to be known before applying for the University. The list of courses, admission requirements, and all admission application information is included in the prospectus.


The prospectus has successfully been uploaded online and can be accessed via the respective links below.

1 UFH Undergraduate 2023 prospectus Download PDF
2 UFH Postgraduate Prospectus 2023 Download PDF

Additional Infomation

The University UFH also encourages students to be very cautious when choosing their qualifications. Also, put into consideration their personal abilities and their career goals. How will the career I choose profit me where I want to go? Am I ready for open distance e-learning at a practical level? We need to also tell you that UFH Prospectus contains the list of courses, admission requirements, and all admission application information to guide you through the University of Fort Hare admission process.

If you wish to apply to the University of Fort Hare after reviewing the  Prospectus, you must consider the following:

  • You hold an NSC or NCV and an endorsement that enables you to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program or an equal certificate.
  • You meet all of the admissions requirements for the program you choose to enroll in. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements for the desired program of study does not guarantee admission, since each program has a limited vacancy.
  • You have a minimum level of 4 (50%) in the UFH language of instUFHction, which is either English or Afrikaans (only applicable to some programs).
  • In order to take a certain university module, you must complete certain high school subjects with a certain level of achievement. For eg, if you want to pursue a BSc in Physics with Engineering subjects, you’ll need a 70 percent in Mathematics in Grade 12. Please see the section on faculty-specific entry criteria for more details, including the appropriate compulsory subjects and performance levels for each program.

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