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The University of Cape Town provides a range of accommodations for undergraduate and postgraduate students, both on and off-campus.


Normally, you’ll begin your stay in a first-tier residence (full catering), then transfer to a second-tier residence (senior catering or self-catering), and finally, third-tier accommodation.

Each residencUniversity of Cape Town UCT accommodatione has its own history and traditions, but they all strive to provide a memorable experience for visitors. Since the University of Cape Town accommodation scheme places a premium on safety, all residences have stringent access controls and the majority are monitored by closed-circuit television cameras.

Students with disabilities may live in a variety of residences. Contact the Student Accommodation Office and the Disability Service, and they can take care of your specific requirements.

University of Cape Town UCT First-tier accommodation

Undergraduate students, who are typically under the age of 21, are housed in first-tier accommodations. Students will eat up to three meals a day in a dining hall at these residences. Double rooms are available in some of the first-tier accommodation buildings.

In these apartments, there is a living room for watching television, holding meetings, and socializing, as well as self-operating laundries. Many of them have a pool and table tennis, and some even have a swimming pool.

University of Cape Town UCT Second-tier accommodation

Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students are lodged in second-tier accommodation. Catering residences serve up to three meals per day In a dining hall. The majority of second-tier accommodation is in the form of two- to four-bedroom apartments. Most of those rooms are single rooms.

The residence organizational structures provide a smooth transition into independent senior student life while also enabling you to share a common space with your peers.

These residences have a common room where residents can watch TV, hold meetings, and socialize, as well as self-operating laundries. A piano, pool, and table tennis are all available, and some even have access to a swimming pool.

University of Cape Town UCT Third-tier Accommodation

Senior postgraduate students are accommodated in third-tier residences.

Wardens manage academic and social well-being in these residences. The wardens ensure that the apartments, flats, and purpose-built homes, such as Obz Square, have a good community life.

A Residence Association aims to establish a quality residence life experience due to the regional fragmentation of third-tier accommodation.

With simple furniture given, most units are within walking distance of upper campus or near Jammie Shuttle stops, and all allow easy access to shops and public transportation.


At the University of Cape town, on-campus accommodation is minimal (about 6 000 beds for the entire student body of 29 000 students). On-campus housing offers a varied residential life and is conveniently situated near campus for those who want it. In the on-campus residence halls, single rooms in shared apartments are available. In these self-catering apartments, senior students share a kitchen and leisure facilities.

There are a variety of off-campus accommodation facilities as well. UCT, in collaboration with a third-party online platform, offers students a wide range of high-quality, convenient, and suitably furnished private accommodation within walking distance of campus or the UCT Jammie shuttle route.

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However, you can visit Visit the Department of Student Affairs website for more information on student accommodation:

The UCT undergraduate prospectus also contains information on student accommodation.


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